Unity in Triumph: Dr. Momtaz Begum & Dr. H.B.M. Iqbal’s Premier Group Legacy

By Dr. Dipu Siddiqui

Dr Dipu Siddiqui

Two years ago, on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Dr. Momtaz Begum, founder Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Royal University of Dhaka and Vice Chairman of BOT of Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology, passed away at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. This year marks her second death anniversary. We honor her illustrious career and pay our respects to this great humanitarian, philanthropist, and remarkable woman. Her husband, Dr. HBM Iqbal, is the Chairman of Premier Group, a valiant freedom fighter, and a successful former Member of Parliament of Bangladesh.

On this solemn occasion, we pay homage to her memory and pray for her eternal peace. Dr. Momtaz Begum epitomized the empowerment of women with strong moral values, understanding that the holistic development of our nation hinged on educating its women.

The establishment of Royal University of Dhaka was a testament to her vision of modernizing education and advancing women’s rights in Bangladesh. Her leadership ignited a transformative wave in women’s education nationwide, earning her the moniker “Rokea of modern Bengal.” Beyond her profound social contributions, Dr. Momtaz Begum was also a highly accomplished medical professional and a successful entrepreneur.


Born into an illustrious family, Dr. Momtaz Begum showed exceptional talent from a young age. She graduated with honors in MBBS from Dhaka University and dedicated herself to the medical profession for many years. After retiring, she played a pivotal role in expanding her family’s business empire.


To quote poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, “Half of the world’s goodness is a woman’s gift, and half of its gift is a man’s.” Dr. Momtaz Begum’s partnership with her beloved husband, Dr. HBM Iqbal, was instrumental in the remarkable growth and success of Premier Group. Her contributions are indelible and unforgettable.


Dr. Momtaz Begum was not just a forward-thinking entrepreneur but also a beacon in the business arena. As Vice Chairman of Premier Group, she spearheaded initiatives across various sectors, including Premier Hotel and Resort Ltd., leaving an indelible mark on the hospitality industry.


Moreover, she co-founded Royal University of Dhaka and Sheikh Hasina University of Science and Technology, underscoring her commitment to education and women’s development. Her influence extended further as she held directorial positions in Momtaz Begum Gulf Medical Center, Bukhara Restaurant (Pvt.) Ltd., and various other ventures, all while embodying humility and a belief that genuine deeds are a form of worship.


In conclusion, Dr. Momtaz Begum’s legacy as a humanitarian, educator, and trailblazing entrepreneur continues to inspire generations. Her life’s work stands as a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on society. May her memory continue to guide and inspire us all.


Writer: Dr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddique, widely known as Dr. Dipu Siddiqui, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Chairman of the Department of Education, Royal University of Dhaka.