Lawsuit Filed Against Six Republican Congressmen Alleging False Statements and Visa Policy Imposition

Dr Dipu Siddiqui :

In a significant development, the State Department, under the leadership of President Biden, has initiated legal proceedings against six Republican Congressmen. The lawsuit accuses them of making false, fabricated, and motivated statements regarding Bangladesh and subsequently implementing a visa policy based on these claims. The congressmen involved in the case are Scott Perry, Bob Goode, Barry Moore, Tim Burchett, Warren Davidson, and Keith Self.


The United States-Bangladesh case is set to be filed in the US Federal Court on July 4. This move has gained international attention, especially among the Bangladeshi community residing in the United States.


During a phone conversation with a representative from the daily Citizen Times, a renowned media outlet, a respected rabbi explained the significance of choosing July 4 for this legal action. Just as the United States celebrates its Independence Day on this date, Bangladesh is also an independent and sovereign nation. Hence, the rabbi seeks to hold these congressmen accountable for their actions on the same day, accusing them of tarnishing the image of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, and disrupting the nation’s democracy and economic development.


The rabbi expressed hope that despite the official holiday, the necessary documents, including the case RG online, would be submitted on July 4. Subsequently, he plans to appear in court and participate in further legal proceedings.


He also disclosed that the case is expected to be registered within the next two days. According to the country’s legal procedures, the Honorable Court will issue decisions one by one concerning the case.


Additionally, the rabbi stated that a lawsuit would be filed against President Biden and the State Department later this month. However, the process is taking time due to the preparation of various documents, including the RG related to the case.


News of the rabbi’s intention to file these lawsuits was initially reported by Daily Citizen Times, Daily Janakantha and the daily Presswatch and quickly gained widespread attention, not only in the United States but also worldwide, particularly in Michigan.


Dr. The rabbi emphasized that no amount of pressure would deter him from pursuing these legal actions, as he aims to safeguard the honor of his beloved motherland, preserve the image of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government, and promote positive economic trends.


He clarified that his focus lies not on the outcome of the case but rather on conveying a powerful message to the world — that the people of Bangladesh possess the courage to stand up and protest against injustice.