A tranquil mind – Dr Dipu Siddiqui

On life’s journey fraught with fear’s embrace,

Dr. Siddiqui implores, seek a tranquil space.

In Dhaka’s realm, wisdom he imparts,

How fear disrupts, enslaves our hearts.


Nervous tension, a relentless foe,

Draining vigor, like heartburn’s woe.

Unknown chains bind, hindering delight,

True happiness elusive in fear’s night.


Creativity stifled, growth impairs,

In fear’s clutches, the mind despairs.

Yet Siddiqui urges, knowledge the key,

To dispel illusions, set the mind free.


Generosity, a beacon bright,

Embrace joy and sorrow, in equal light.

For creatures all, extend your care,

A pathway to happiness, rare and fair.


In prayer’s embrace, collective might,

Wishing well for all, in joy’s pure light.

Attachments shed, fears unfurl,

A tranquil mind, a liberated world.


So let us heed the call profound,

To overcome fear, on wisdom’s ground.

Dr. Siddiqui’s words, a guide so clear,

In pursuit of happiness, let courage steer.