Grand Launch of ‘Smart Bangla, Sonar Bangla’ Leaves Nation Spellbound

Dr Dipu Siddiqui:In a spectacular event that captivated audiences across the nation, the ‘Smart Bangla, Sonar Bangla’ program was officially launched on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 4 pm. The grand inauguration took place at the iconic Swaparjit Swadhana Chatwar of Dhaka University, TSC Sarkadwip.


The event was nothing short of a cultural extravaganza, featuring poetry recitals, enchanting music, and thought-provoking speeches that left the audience spellbound. The youthful spirit of the program was evident through the musical performances delivered by talented young Bengali artists, igniting a sense of exhilaration among attendees.

Guiding the audience through this cultural journey was none other than the esteemed poet Kamrul Islam, serving as the program’s moderator. Poet Kamrul Islam, who also holds the position of General Secretary of Bangiyya Sahitya Sangkriti Samsad, lent his wisdom and charisma to ensure the event’s smooth flow.


The ‘Smart Bangla, Sonar Bangla’ program, spearheaded by Tarunya Bangiyya, promises to be a beacon of cultural enrichment and innovation in Bangladesh, celebrating the richness of Bengali culture and fostering creativity among the youth.

Grand Launch of ‘Smart Bangla, Sonar Bangla’ Leaves Nation Spellbound

As the program gains momentum, it is expected to continue leaving a profound impact on the cultural landscape of Bangladesh, uniting communities and generations through the shared love for art, music, and literature.