PIBJAA:Election struggles and lessons

PIBJAA’s election committee created a beautiful atmosphere, putting an end to various speculations. Although the committee had three written members, Mr. Tuhin Rahman, a prominent actor and CEO of a reputed company, played the role of the backstage hero. Despite a few glitches in food distribution, we had a wonderful festive day at the National Press Club.

Dr. Dipu Siddiqui Elected Vice President of PIBJAA

The election focused on star personalities, university teachers, renowned film director Matin Rahman, journalist leader Elias Hossain, poet Salam Farooq, Badal Rahman, Rahman Mostafiz, Farooq Mahmud, senior citizen Md. Nesar Uddin, Swadesh Khabar editor Gias Uddin, former president of Dhaka Journalist Union, prominent media personality Quddus Afrad, BFUJ leader Barun Bhowmik Nayan, Badal Rahman, Soumitra Shekhar, Advocate Azim, president of Kishoreganj Journalist Forum Rajendra Deb Montu, former general secretary of KJF Jasim Uddin, journalist Zakir Hossain, member secretary of Karimganj Tarail Upazila Samiti in Dhaka, journalist Arefin, along with star journalists and important people of the state. The attendance was remarkable.


Mahbub Bhai, Jewel, Nazrul, Shamim Al Masood, Journalist Emi, Arif, DUJ leader Amir Hamza Chowdhury of the 2006-07 batch, and the spirit of encouraging the extraordinary courage of the batchmates were fascinating. This was the first time in the history of PIBJAA that an election was held on such a large scale at the National Press Club. The most talked-about person in Bangladesh during the election was intellectual JANIPOP chairman and former vice chancellor Professor Dr. Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah, who participated in the festival election.


Without delving into the question of who won or was defeated, I can say one thing: PIBJAA must move forward. PIBJAA’s friends are eagerly waiting for their dreams to come true. I have learned a lesson from this election. It has introduced me to many new faces and given me a clear idea of how to manage and strategize in future elections.


I want to assure my esteemed constituents that I will keep my word. I am dedicated to the development of PIBJAA, and I will utilize my organizational skills to ensure its progress. While complex and convoluted knowledge may be difficult for me to grasp, I have chosen the simple path. Despite its seeming impossibility, I have achieved incredible results without relying on traditional propaganda and mass communication. I have successfully navigated a tough election, thanks to the honorable voters. Education will forever remain a cherished memory for me, and I am sharing that experience with friends in today’s discussion.


PIBJAA’s election history will be remembered as exceptional. I personally don’t know half of the new voters. Due to the loss of contact numbers and lack of time, I didn’t have the opportunity to call anyone. So, I sought help from a few mentors and friends to vote for the undisclosed panel members. I informed the rest of the group about the remaining candidates. I am disappointed with the new members. Dr. Dipu Siddiqui Elected Vice President of PIBJAA Although I ran for the position of vice president, I couldn’t ask anyone for their votes. I had to stay in the race since withdrawing wasn’t an option. Naturally, the outcome of a consensus panel wouldn’t be promising. It was unimaginable that any voter would give me so many votes without a phone call. Pibza’s highly educated and talented friends graciously selected me. I don’t believe I deserve any votes in this so-called democratic system. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to win. In reality, I wanted to test my luck as well. I wanted to see if it was possible to win voters’ hearts without relying solely on social media or personal phone calls. Additionally, I wanted to avoid annoying and embarrassing the voters who were bombarded with calls from numerous candidates. Thus, the result is what it is. Nonetheless, I’m grateful and consider myself lucky. I am indebted to those esteemed voters who showered me with their generous love. They voted silently and exited silently. Many might still not know whom I received votes from, but I am extremely happy with this method of winning, especially in PIBJAA where sensible and well-educated friends are the voters. However, the lesson learned is that my strategy is dependent and ineffective in this so-called democratic system. Finally, I would like to extend my greetings and respect once again to those voters of PIBJAA who lifted me from the edge of the abyss and elected me as vice president. I want to stand by them for the rest of my life and be a friend with a flower basket of love.

The selection strategy and results of the PIB Alumni Association do not solely depend on the actions of any single association. Election observers and political analysts often contemplate national elections. It would be incorrect to view PIBJAA elections solely as Pibza elections. Therefore, caution is advised.

Writer: Columnist and journalist, Dr Dipu Siddiqui is an Associate Professor and Chairman Department of Education Royal University of Dhaka, Country Director Bangabandhu Commission USA,MTV Network USA.