Rizvi Alam: The Young and Dynamic Candidate Creating a Stir in Khulna 4 Seat!

Daily Presswatch/Mst.Irin Nahar:Former influential Chhatra League leader MD Rizvi Alam is expected to be nominated by the Bangladesh Awami League for the Khulna 4 seat in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. Rizvi Alam is a trusted brother of the people of Rupsa, Terkhada, and Dighlia, where he has been working as a dedicated social worker for a long time.

Rizvi Alam is a symbol of hope for the people of Khulna 4 constituency, who are looking for a leader that will take care of their happiness and sorrows and work tirelessly for their overall development. As a hardworking social worker and fearless personality, Rizvi Alam has gained wide popularity and the support of people from different walks of life.

Rizvi Alam comes from a family of leaders and freedom fighters. His eldest brother Rashu Alam was a founding member and one of the leaders of the Chhatra League Central Committee, while his other brother MD Rabbi Alam is the President of Bangabandhu Parishad USA and the founding chairman of the Bangabandhu Commission.

MD Rizvi Alam himself has made significant contributions to the development of Bangladesh, including fighting against information terrorists who spread false rumors against Bangladesh. He has also played a key role in empowering women in Bangladesh and supporting the modern awakening of women.


The people of Khulna 4 Parliamentary Constituency are urging the Hon’ble Prime Minister to allocate the boat symbol to MD Rizvi Alam and are confident that he will win with a significant number of votes. Rizvi Alam is not only the pride of Khulna but also the pride of Bangladesh and Bengalis worldwide.