Leaving Without False Pride: A Poem of Humility and Love-Dr.Dipu Siddiqui

I choose to depart with humble grace,

No need to turn and hide my face,

For false pride can be a painful thing,

Harming those who don’t grasp its meaning.


This pride that’s based on envy and greed,

Only feeds the ego’s selfish need,

I’ll fight for justice and what’s right,

But not at the cost of losing sight.


Schemers and conspirators may try,

To sow discord and spread lies,

But I pray for the strength to guide them right,

Or remove myself from their sight.


I seek love, respect, and harmony,

To live with beauty, dignity, and clarity,

In pursuit of truth and wisdom’s grace,

With love as my guiding base.


May pride not blur my vision’s sight,

Let love be my compass, shining bright,

For in the end, love’s what will survive,

Pride fades, but love continues to thrive.

Poet Dr Dipu Siddiqui an Associate Professor & Chairman Department of Education Royal University of Dhaka.