Lion Chittaranjan Das Honored with Prestigious Award

Dr.Dipu Siddiqui,CT:Lion Chittaranjan Das Honored with Prestigious Award for Exceptional Contributions to Humanity and Social Service.In a special international seminar on women’s empowerment held at the National Press Club on March 23, Lion Chittaranjan Das was awarded for his exceptional contribution to humanity and social service. The award was presented by Michigan Democratic Party Vice President and Bangabandhu Commission Chairman Dr. Rabbi Alam and Rabeya Alim MP.

Lion Chittaranjan Das Honored with Prestigious Award-Daily Presswatch

Lion Chittaranjan Das has dedicated his life to serving humanity and is renowned for his social work and philanthropy. He has been actively involved in various social and welfare activities for decades and has made significant contributions towards the betterment of society.

The seminar, which was jointly organized by the United Nations CSW67 and the Bangabandhu Commission, focused on women’s empowerment and was attended by several eminent personalities, including and Bangladesh Director of Bangabandhu Commission Dr.Md Abu Bakar Siddique (Dr. Dipu Siddiqui) Bangladesh Commissioner Md Al Masum Khan.


The chief guest of the seminar was MD Rabbi Alam, who is a central leader of the United States Michigan Democratic Party and the President of the United States Bangabandhu Parishad and chairman of Bangabandhu Commission. Other special guests included Health and Population Affairs Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Dr. Rokeya Sultana, MP Rabeya Alim, and Joint General Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Al Mamun. The seminar was Presided by MD Rizvi Alam, Secretary general of Spain Awami League and international Affairs Secretary of Bangabandhu Commission.


It is worth noting that congressional records and special tributes were paid to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and RAB in the United States Congress and the Michigan Senate, highlighting the significance of their contributions towards the betterment of society.


The award presented to Lion Chittaranjan Das is a recognition of his remarkable efforts towards social service and is sure to inspire others to follow in his footsteps. His dedication and commitment to serving humanity are an inspiration to all, and his work has made a significant difference in the lives of many people.