Royal University & Premier Bank: Empowering Underprivileged Students Through Scholarships – Dr Dipu Siddiqui

The Royal University of Dhaka has taken a significant step towards supporting underprivileged yet talented students, recognizing the vital role they play in realizing the vision of a smarter Bangladesh. In response to this imperative, the Premier Bank Foundation and Premier Group Foundation have jointly announced a scholarship program. These two esteemed foundations have committed to providing scholarships to students seeking admission in various programs, including BEd, MEd, English BBA, MBA, EMBA,CSE, HMT and LMS.


The announcement of this scholarship was made official by Dr. HBM Iqbal, the Chairman of the Royal University of Dhaka and a former Member of Parliament of Dhaka. In a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Dr. Momtaz Begum, the founder of the Royal University of Dhaka, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees expressed that the youth are the nation’s future. It is indeed undesirable for deserving students to forfeit higher education due to financial constraints.

ড.এইচবিএম ইকবাল চেয়ারম্যান:বোর্ড অফ ট্রাস্টিজ- ডা. মমতাজ বেগম রয়েল ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ ঢাকা।

Furthermore, the Chairman highlighted his commitment to improving the education system, mentioning the establishment of the Sheikh Hasina Science and Technology University in Bhairab as a testament to this commitment. The Royal University of Dhaka has already erected a permanent campus in Tejgaon, Dhaka, with the aim of fostering a culture of happiness and research-oriented thinking among both students and faculty.

To further enhance the educational landscape, construction has begun on a state-of-the-art, 30-storey Royal University campus in Tejgaon, Dhaka, equipped with cutting-edge technology. The inauguration of this campus is anticipated within the next three years. Simultaneously, construction is progressing on the Sheikh Hasina Science and Technology University in Bhairab, set to provide educational opportunities for 60,000 to 70,000 students.


These universities are not only characterized by modern infrastructure but also boast renowned professors and educators from across the nation, dedicated to imparting quality education. The institutions are committed to implementing an international standard educational framework.

A noteworthy appointment is that of Prof. Dr. Gias U Ahsan as the Vice-Chancellor of the Royal University, which stands as a beacon of modernity. His dynamic leadership has ignited enthusiasm among faculty, students, and staff. In a short span, he has charted a visionary path for the institution, organizing seminars and symposia to align educators with modern technology and international teaching methodologies.


Under his leadership, there is a strong focus on curriculum modernization, effective classroom management, class schedules, credit-hour systems, research initiatives, and hands-on learning experiences. These initiatives have invigorated the teaching community, fostering an environment of eagerness and dedication.

The collaboration between the Royal University of Dhaka and the Premier Bank Foundation marks a significant stride towards inclusivity in higher education, empowering students to achieve their aspirations and contribute to the development of a smarter Bangladesh.