London Expat and Family Face Alleged Harassment and False Cases

Presswatch report:London expatriate Jahan Kabir Shipon and his family have come forward with serious allegations of harassment and false cases lodged against them by Biopharma DMD and his associates. The expatriate’s younger brother was also arrested on the same day based on a false case and arrest warrant.

London Expat and Family Face Alleged Harassment and False Cases-Daily Presswatch 

During a press conference held at the Zahur Hossain Chowdhury Hall of the National Press Club on Monday afternoon, Manowara Begum, the mother of the London expatriate from Gungati village in Comilla Chouddagram police station, voiced her concerns. The press conference was attended by Manwara’s daughter-in-law Hazera Akhter, Gungati Union Awami League President VP Abul Khair, as well as their relatives Mahmullah and Shafiqur Rahman.


In a written complaint presented during the press conference, Monowara Begum alleged that her expatriate son is being harassed by Lakiyat Ullah, who is associated with Biopharma Limited. Furthermore, she claimed that her younger son, Humayun, is being subjected to relentless harassment through a series of false cases. These cases, according to Monowara Begum, are part of a conspiracy aimed at seizing the expatriate’s business and house.


The family also raised concerns about the threats made by Dr. Lakiyat Ullah’s mercenaries, who have allegedly resorted to intimidating tactics, including threats of violence. These actions have created a hostile environment, preventing the expatriate ships from returning to the country.


Highlighting the contributions made by her son over the past 15 years, Monowara Begum emphasized that he has sent a significant amount of remittances to the country. She also revealed that the London school authorities have filed a case against Dr. Lakiyat, resulting in his wife being unable to return to Bangladesh. This development further escalated tensions, leading Dr. Lakiyat to demand money from his associates and subsequently orchestrating the arrest of Shipon’s younger brother, Humayun Kabir, under false pretenses.


In light of these distressing events, the victim’s family has appealed for the intervention of relevant authorities, including the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, urging them to address the situation promptly.

The allegations made by the London expatriate and his family warrant careful investigation and consideration by the authorities. The pursuit of justice and fair treatment is of utmost importance in this case, ensuring the protection of individuals and their rights.