Awlad Meets Newly Elected President of Bangladesh

Presswatch Report:Bangabandhu Commission Middle East commissioner Awlad Hussain recently had the opportunity to conduct a courtesy call with the newly elected President,Mohammad Shahabuddin . He met him  while a team of Bangabandhu Commission led by Dr Rabbi Alam went to meet the president

During the meeting, the delegation of the Bangabandhu Commission discussed various matters related to the country’s progress and development. They highlighted the importance of strengthening ties with the USA and Middle East, particularly in the areas of trade, investment, and employment opportunities.

The team included Dr. Rabbi Alam, who led the delegation, Md Rizvi Alam, the International Affairs Secretary of the Bangabandhu Commission, Dr. Dipu Siddiqui, Country Director of Bangabandhu Commission and MTV USA, Bangladesh Commissioner Md Masum Khan, Bangladesh Brand Ambassador Md Shibaji Fakir, and BBC-IPC Subcommittee’s President SM Alamgir Rajb.


The delegation also briefed the President on the commission’s various initiatives and programs, which aim to promote Bangladesh’s interests and enhance its image on the global stage. They discussed the commission’s efforts to attract foreign investment, promote the political philosophy of Bangabandhu, tourism, and provide better healthcare and education services to the people of Bangladesh.


President Shahabuddin appreciated the delegation’s efforts and highlighted the importance of such initiatives to strengthen Bangladesh’s position in the world. He also assured the commission’s members of his government’s support in their endeavors.

The Bangabandhu Commission was established  to promote the vision and ideology of the founding father of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The commission aims to promote Bangladesh’s interests and strengthen its relations with other countries.