Tamasha: A Captivating Short Film on Social Development and Public Awareness By Dr Dipu Siddiqui 

Directed by Hasib Rahman and produced by Mohmmed Didar, ‘Tamasha’ is a remarkable short film that delves into the realms of social development and public awareness. The film revolves around Ishika, a popular figure among the new generation, skillfully portrayed by the talented actress herself. Her flawless speech and artistic presentation in the short film have left the audience in awe of her abilities.

One of the standout performances in ‘Tamasha’ comes from Tuhin Rahman, a familiar face on social media. Tuhin Rahman’s exceptional socio-political writing and portrayal in a central role contribute significantly to the film’s success. Moreover, Dr. Dipu Siddiqui, Chairman of the Department of Education at the Royal University of Dhaka, serves as a shining example in the film, emphasizing the importance of leadership and taking initiative.

Retired government officer Mr. Nesasar Uddin commends the film, acknowledging

Dr.Dipu Siddiqui

Dr. Dipu Siddiqui, Tuhin Rahman Mizan, along with other unknown faces, as the heroes of ‘Tamasha.’ He appreciates the film’s uncommon depiction of the real and problematic aspects of South Asian culture, praising its entertaining nature and the multidimensional expertise of the filmmakers, including Mizan. The film’s inclusion of a rare female villain character, whose actions and motives are integral to the plot, adds an extraordinary touch to the experience.

Journalist and art critic Farooq Mahmud recognizes the strengths of ‘Tamasha,’ particularly its excellent use of shots and lighting. The film effectively portrays the girl’s struggle for survival, showcasing the filmmakers’ skillful execution. However, Mahmud finds fault with a scene in which the girl slaps others while delivering a sermon, deeming it excessive. He also notes weaknesses in the actor’s dialogue delivery and expression, which hinder the overall impact. Mahmud suggests that the criticism of content creators could have been presented in a more engaging style. Although the film’s ending holds potential for a more heartwarming conclusion, it falls slightly short of realizing that potential. Nonetheless, Mahmud appreciates the film’s well-crafted surroundings, which create a suitable atmosphere for the narrative.

Overall, ‘Tamasha’ is a captivating short film that brings attention to important social issues while entertaining its audience. With its talented cast, expertly executed scenes, and thought-provoking themes, the film succeeds in shedding light on the realities of our society. It is a commendable effort by the filmmakers to raise awareness and ignite conversations about social development and public awareness.

‘Tamasha’ in the eyes of critics:

Md Nesar Uddin

“You, Dr. Dipu Siddiqui, and Tuhin Rahman, along with our Mizan, are the heroes in the short film, accompanied by Mr… and Ms… who are unknown faces to me. Thanks for this uncommon short film that illustrates the real and hateful behavior of our South Asian culture. Thank you for sharing this entertaining event, showcasing your multidimensional expertise in short film making, including our Mizan. It was an extraordinary experience, featuring a rare female villain character whose evil actions or motives are crucial to the plot. I truly enjoyed it. It has changed the dominant attitude & possession of male drama & short film actors and makers in our developing societies challenging the gender deviation. This’s a creative entertainment of the Director & author also.The actors, actresses & other co-performers have hit the title of our popular professional -cultural giants that the elephants & cows are in their rooms. This is a surprising message for them that the new comers created a pressure group of new population in cultural areas. This’s a news for both of them.

Thanks indeed, Dipu!”

Farooq Mahmud                  Sr.Journalist and Art critic

“A short film titled ‘TAMASHA’ showcases excellent use of shots and lighting. The portrayal of the girl’s struggle for survival is well-executed. However, the scene where the girl slaps others while delivering the sermon seemed excessive. The actor’s dialogue delivery and expression are weak, detracting from the overall impact. The criticism of content creators could have been presented in a more engaging style. Although the ending has the potential to be more heartwarming, it falls short of utilizing that potential. The surroundings were perfect, creating a suitable atmosphere. Thank you.” – Farooq Mahmood